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NOTE: This page features several action props and my 'cell' props. I limit posting many materials due to ease of taking ‘screenshots’ online.

This video features a few props invented by exercise physiologist Ed Watson, owner of Physiologics. Scroll down to see a video explaining The Carbohydrate Continuum Volvelle and how specialized props convey nutrition as an active event simultaneously at the cell level and a human’s whole body physical motion.

The Carbohydrate Continuum Volvelle: click here for video.


The Carbohydrate Continuum Volvelle. Volvelles are handheld ‘manual computers’ which convert quantitative formulas into qualitative visual forms, e.g. color wheels, star charts, etc.  This volvelle translates fuel substrate utilization at specific workloads into corresponding images performed physically. In turn, the pie charts show how the relative and absolute caloric intake of macronutrients must change with intensity and activity.

Below image and caption explains how food colored water simultaneously conveys metabolic rate in a cell and real world physical activity .

This image is from Watson’s book, The Physical Rules


Everyone knows ‘hot colors’ on a weather map express ‘hot temperatures’. Similarly, darker shades of food colored water expresses increased nutritional demand (glycolysis) within the cytosol of a cell. Each cell image is then matched with the analogous physical intensity of whole body movement. The candles represent mitochondria, where oxidative metabolism occurs.