Syllabus: 2017 Winter Semester

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Week 1: Glycogen Storage, Depletion and Repletion: A Primer for Balancing Carb Intake

Week 2: Glycolysis Visualized

Week 3:  Fitness Lab РLactate Testing

Week 4: Sports Nutrition: Carbohydrate Calculations for Specific Athletes

Weeks 5 and 6 lectures are a two-part lecture.

Week 5: Exam. Lecture: Food, Food Labels, Perception and Ignorance

Week 6: Protein for Regeneration of Muscle, Immune Function, and Healing

Week 7: Pure Strength & Speed Training: The Science of Power

Week 8: Students’ Copy: Transformation and Assimilation of Food

Week 9: Weakened Digestive Power, Malabsorption of Nutrients, Prevention and Reversal of Cognitive Decline

Week 10: Aerobic Metabolism Part 1

Week 11: Aerobic Metabolism Part 2: VO2 Capacity and Performance in Machines, Animals, and Athletes

Week 12: Field Trip VO2 max Test

Week 13: Aerobic Metabolism of Mice, Men, and Elephants. Relative VO2, Thermodynamics, and Lifespan

Week 14: The Heart, Cardiac Output, and Blood Flow Physics

Week 15: Advanced Section. Measuring Fuel Substrate Utilization: Indirect Calorimetry and RER

Week 16: The Big Fat Lecture – The Route of Construction/Destruction vs The Route of Fire – a Timeline of Flow of Energy and Transformation

Week 17: Final

Joni Mitchell aerobic metabolism carbon


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