Consider the physical forces and the energy required by the heart to perform the following. Heart stats:

  • Utilizes 6Kg ATP/day (20-30 x its own weight)
  • Moves 10 tons of blood/day
  • 100,000 beats/day
  • In terms of mechanical work this represents the lifting of approximately 100 pounds one mile high.

Even top strength athletes do not work this much per day. This is just another indicator the work of moving blood is not performed solely by a single muscle – but that the heart only assists in creating flow, and much work done maintaining blood flow is peripheral and little work is required to maintain momentum of something already moving (as explained in Refutation of the Pressure Propulsion Theory Post).

Even though the heart doesn’t do all the work by itself to keep blood moving, the point is the heart is a muscle-engine that can ‘run too rich‘ and begin to fail… solely due to an inability to utilize energy/fuel to do work – because it can be overworked and underfed. This points to the more salient points regarding the metabolic or energy model:

  • Feed cells specifically for their particular energy need e.g. Heart, Nerves (Brain), Skeletal Muscle, Gut Cells, etc.
  • Think globally, act locally.
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