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Mr Ed you can’t even imagined how blessed I feel to have taken you class. I thank you again for the knowledge you gave us and for always answering our questions. Teachers like you are the reason I get excited to go to school. Hope you’re well! Let me know if I need to change anything. I apologize for the late reply, I home school the boys so it gets busy at home!

To be a great teacher  I truly believe that you not only have to be smart but passionate about what you teach. At times going to school is disappointing because you find some teachers that don’t care to truly teach. Taking Mr. Watsons exercise physiology class was one of the most rewarding classes I have ever taken.  What he taught me I was able to apply it not only to my life but clients as well.  It is a great feeling as a student when you feel you are getting knowledge.  I loved Mr. Watson’s class so much that I looked forward to it every week because I wanted to learn. That’s what school should be like, it should be were students look forward to going to class and being present.  I am now fascinated with mitochondrial health thanks to this class, I understand how to ratio macronutrients, I know were food is metabolized and what food is finally broken down to. Now that I am working in the health field I feel confident thanks to this class. To understand how to manipulate carbohydrates to gain or lose weight, to realize how a healthy heart utilizes fat and how short and medium chain fatty acids are needed for good health makes talking about it to patients a lot easier. This is one of the classes I talk about to my coworkers and I wish more people that are interested in health and exercise had the opportunity to hear him lecture.   

Jovani Morales

"Ed was an excellent professor with a unique teaching style. Instead of teaching from the little details and expanding into the big picture, he gave us the big picture and then broke it down. At first I found this confusing, but in the end I found that I was able to grasp the concepts of physiology and nutrition in a whole new way. He was incredibly committed to making sure I understood the material and taking the time to answer any questions the class had. It's clear that he truly cares about his work and his students and I hope to someday take another class with him."

All the best,

Michelle Desch

Ed is a master physiologist! Before taking his class I was intimidated by the human body. Although I did well in previous science classes, I always left class with a vague understanding of how the human body actually works. Ed's surgeon like teaching style changed my entire perspective on physiology and made understanding my physical self engaging and meaningful. His ability to dissect the human body into simple understandable pieces is nothing short of genius. From the atomic level all the way up to the individual Ed skillfully crafts out the processes of our anatomy.

Grant Johnson

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoyed Ed Watson’s Exercise Physiology class.  I have had classes that I wish I could re-take with a different instructor because I felt somewhat short-changed with the experience.  That was not the case with Ed’s class.  I would like to take more classes (or re-take previous classes) from Ed because he is such a passionate, knowledgeable and engaging instructor.  In a field with so many opinions and so much science as Exercise Physiology, Ed was able to distill the subject matter into relatable and consumable lessons that I remember to this day.

Arian Bove

Thanks Ed.The information you gave us on strength training and rest has made lifting fun again for me. I was at a plateau on my bench and dead lift. I have gained 20 pounds on each and i feel like i can go higher.

Thanks, Cory Hughes

Hey Ed,

I didn't really know what to expect coming into your class. But right away I could see that you have a ton of knowledge and I could learn a lot from you. I appreciated how you explained everything and made it easy to understand the material. You always took the time to answer everyone's questions and you never rambled on about subjects that weren't related to what we were discussing. I really enjoyed the visuals that you would bring to class as well. It was very interesting to actually see some of the topics go through the processes that we were learning. Overall this was one of the most informative and useful classes that I have taken. Thank you.

Caleb Merth

In functional exercise physiology, I liked how Ed Watson was very helpful with students and helped them understand what is being taught. He has great communication with the classmates, especially through emails and after class. Throughout the semester I've learned a lot. For example, how the body uses energy by learning nutrition, exercise, and the health/physical effects or structural changes to the physical body.  Ed also did chemistry in class for an experiment for the class to see and see what was happening. He did an experiment on a few students to see the differences of their VO2 maxes and different lactate threshold. Overall, there’s so much more that I've learned which I could not remember but I still do have some emails that Ed Watson sent.

Ed Watson is a great instructor, which I recommend other students to take his class and learn a lot from it.  He also created his own book, doll, and did some new experiments on his own.



Angela Kong