Private Consulting and Training


Physiologist Edward Watson: Coaching and Personal Training Since 1992

My training involves over 30 years of my experience using multi-disciplines and techniques – e.g. non-failure set based strength training, therapeutic stretching/yoga, basic power lifting, martial arts, and more.

I have a 72 year-old client I’ve trained since 1994 – featured in sync powerlifting with the biomechanical mannequin video – showing how building and maintaining strength and resilience through time is best accomplished through combining strength training not to failure, nutrition, and weeding out superfluous yoga asanas.

I teach a unique therapeutic stretching and spinal decompression program focused on the most common ‘physical problems’ – e.g. low back, hips, hamstrings and neck, shoulders, trapezius.

Please call/text or email me to talk about your goals and questions on exactly what I will teach you. I’ve trained athletes, children, adults of all ages and physical abilities, deaf and blind people, since 1992.

Check out these schematics available on this website and in my book.